About Us


   Sooki Sooki Vintage is a Vintage and Secondhand Clothing e-commerce store, that also specialises in Upcycled Clothing and Jewellery. Saving clothing that would have otherwise become landfill waste. We are a sustainable brand with a focus on slow fashion.
We provide clothing for Women and Femmes who are Mid-Plus size. Our products are catered to Mid and Plus size women who find it difficult finding Vintage clothing from specific eras in their size. 
As sustainability is a big part of our company’s ethos, we have taken to designing, upcycling/repurposing stock that has not sold in 2-3 months of it being uploaded unto our website. Upcycling/repurposing is the act of reusing discarded clothing and materials in order to create a higher quality product of higher value than the original.
In repurposing the clothing that we already have, we are utilising materials already at hand. Also, in doing this we are able to create a specific design in various sizes. 
We are tackling the environmental problem, by saving clothing from landfill. A lot of our items are Vintage and or second hand clothing, made into something completely new. We also offer made to order services, which ensures that we do not waste materials by making surplus of an item.
We will continue to make a difference to the environment by continuously using second materials and textiles in our production. We will always centre plus size women and femmes, who have felt left out within the fashion community.
Lots of love, 
Lapoze xx
Founder and Creative Director
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